Crab Bisque


Yesterday for New Years eve at my in-laws I made a badazzed Crab Bisque. It was a hit. Before I got to their house I had problems getting it to taste right and was a little nervous on the way to their home for dinner. The Bisque was to be the first course…I figured out what it needed to take it to the next level and it all worked out. It was spectacular and I impressed myself as I added the right ingredients to take it over the top. Needless to say, I was a very proud young man…for a fifty year old. Anywho, we all had a great time and ate some spectacular food. My Father in-law made an amazing chicken curry dish from scratch and it was almost as good as my dish..just joking, It was nowhere as good as mine…and that was just because he didn’t add a flavor crank like I did to my dish…Just joking again. My father in-law is known for his chicken curry dish and yes, it was badazzed. I was a happy camper for the rest of the evening. Nothing like good food and good company…and a little New Years eve Champagne. Can’t wait till next year. The Flavor Crank I used in my Crab Bisque was ol’ skool. I used two cubes of vegetable bullion…there you go…An easy dish to make and so satisfying. It’ll be worth your time…Just keep stirring. Use a wooden spoon. Enjoy!

1/2  cup of all-purpose flour

1/2 cup of Canola and Olive oil blend (or just Canola oil)

1 large yellow onion small dice

1 celery stalk small dice

1 carrot peeled and small dice

1 – 8 oz. can of chopped or crushed tomatoes

2 to 3 bay leaves

2 – 4 finger pinches of kosher salt (about 1.5 TBS)

1/2 teaspoon cayenne

1/2 cup white wine (Sauvignon blanc or Chardonnay)

6 cups water

2 cubes of vegetable bullion

1.5 TBS of Old Bay seasoning

1 thinly sliced scallion green only

2 TBS finely chopped fresh parsley leaves

1/4 cup heavy cream

3 Alaskan King Crab legs pre-cooked

1 whole dungeness crab pre-cooked
To Make:

In a large pot add the oil and flour over a medium flame. Whisk the combined ingredients until smooth. Make sure you do not allow it to stick to the bottom of the pot. Keep stirring. When the mixture turns to a golden brown like peanut butter, add the onions, carrots, celery and continue to stir until the vegetables soften about 8 to 10 minutes. Add the salt, cayenne, bay leaves, old bay, wine and bullion cubes. Allow the ingredients to combine (1 minute) and then add the water. Stir to mix, turn the flame up to high and allow to come to a boil. Once the mixture begins to boil add both types of crab in the shells and turn the flame down to low and allow to simmer for 1 hour and 25 minutes. Use a ladle to skim the grease and bubbly foam from the pot during the simmering process. When the simmering process is done, add the tomatoes, stir and allow to simmer for another 5 minutes. Turn off flame. Remove the bay leaves and discard. Use a pair of tongs to remove the crab from the pot but first allow all of the juices from the crab to drain into the pot. Place the crab in a strainer and rinse under cold water. Remove the crabmeat (use the meat from legs and claws only, if you are a rookie at this) from the shells, place in a bowl and set aside. Make sure there are no shells in the crabmeat.  Add the cream to the pot and stir to incorporate. Done. Ladle soup into individual serving bowls. Add some crabmeat to each bowl in the center and sprinkle each with a little of the scallions and fresh parsley…That’s it! I had some champagne with this one due to the New Year arriving in a few hours. This meal with feed about 5 peeps easily. Enjoy!

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