About The Blog

Cooking for a family of four takes time and patience. There’s a process to cooking and I’ll show you how to jump in with both hands and have you creating a hearty, healthy and deliciously gourmet looking and tasting meal in less time than it takes you to get two kids ready for school. I’ll show you how to make more food for less dough. Once a week I will show you how to shop for deals at your grocery store and how to stock your pantry with the staple items needed for everyday cooking. And finally, I will show you how to make creative meals with leftovers. This will allow you to cook only four times a week but have at least seven dinners lined up for the week.

With two kids on my arms its kind of tricky trying to find the time and ideas for great meals every day of the week but somehow I do it. Allow me to help take the guesswork out of what to cook everyday while at the same time keeping it all fresh and delicious. I’ll help you gain points with your spouse or partner and at the same time locate the hidden Chef inside of you.